Pollution Solution

Industrial Winnipeg


Soft wisps of light brush through the room with every hit of wind the tree takes
It’s  been a while since the evergreens danced,
The air has been sombre and stale for some time
Pillars of smoke rise breaching the clouds,
corrupting the sky
The magpies quickly became blind, the foxes, they cried, the squirrel’s they curled
The humans, they had casted another blind eye
And one would think the comedian would have had their last laugh,
It was not true.
For the destruction of earth was the solution to writers block, food for thought, a gift of inspiration
No more than a news flip, a infomercial
For profit of course
The humans, they lived in a hardening contradiction,
Unaware of nature and all of it’s devastation
Mother is calling but no one is answering
Who will text mother and tell her the truth
The uncouth reality, the potential fatalities
And the trail of broken hearts left to the hollows A hard pill to swallow that not even the pharmaceutical company cannot prevent
Time will be of essence, too short to resent



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