Silly Strings

Somewhere in Winnipeg 2013


Silly strings, fragile, delicate,
It gets all over the place
Pretty and scattered
Laying, splayed out on the furniture
Dirtying up your hair
Nuzzling into the seams of your clothes
Red, yellow, blue  and green

Silly strings

It comes from the bottle

Full throttle

Spirals of fun that cannot be unspun
Temporary and quick to dry
Shriveled up and ready to crumble
And here my thumbs they fumble,
The ideas we conspired and all the fun that we’ve have had
I look across the room it’s a mess of love
Colorful strings of thoughts and ideas
and I wonder how fast you are to fly

Break that nozzle, and run out the door

Spraying near empty or stacked with 5 canisters more
To take out the door sharing with the people you adore
Near and far, out of reach and here you are too quick to swoon
And the can that you sprayed has ran out to soon


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