Today is the day. The process of planning to finally leaving the city has crept quickly. I am excited for what my eyes will see, the voices, the smells, and the warm Caribbean air. My stomach grumbles and headaches not out of hunger but for a need of new inspiration. A new landscape, a pretty view, some beautiful faces, and h20 to tickle my toes, crashing waves and little woes.

No post for the next 3 weeks.


Office Dreams


It’s all ruckus!
Pull it together,
Unscrew the hinges of the rubbish cubicle
Cut the silly cords
Rip out the telephone,
Throw out the manual
Drink the dirty water, piss out the retained information
Stain the table
Tear up your work sheets
Go home, count the sheep,
Fall to sleep,
And that is how you rid the dread
And instead tomorrow you can reset your head

Waves and Ruts

A wall, a rut, curse of the brain
Trapped in the window seat, clutching to the escape
Eyes soothed by the rolling clouds,
And when they close, muddied thoughts take the reign
Drained of the noise, the howling souls go away
5 wide breaths and a nose full of dampened air
Fallen into deep sleep, caressed by the fabrics of the airplane chair
1000 ft. above beloved Poseidon and his blue tidal waves
And my body it falls into revolt to rude awakening
The plane it touched the ground
And so did my reality